One day at a time

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

When you think of future and its pleasure unknown,
Take care to ponder on all it stores,
When it comes to harsh realities of life,
Then think my dear,one day at a time.

Let not the worries of present, thy courage defy,
One day at a time, there all honour lies,
One day at a time, that is what our Saviour said,
That is the way worries should be shed.

Sufficient for the day are the worries of itself,
So ponder not worries, just let them be shed,
Worries’ are what I want you to shed,
It is not the plans, its worries’ is one should shed.

Ages have past yet His words hold still,
So help me, my Saviour that thy words may instil,
Let not worries of future ever me dis-heart,
Grant this my heart from worries to part.

One day at a time, you will live better life,
One day at a time and victory shall be thine,
Hear thy Saviour one more time,
I tell you my dear victory shall be thine.

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I can't share it with my shadow
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