Elephant Gerbil Circus

a poem by Kevin Rottweiler, USA

the gerbils yawned
and got ready for the circus
clowns with painted faces cried
one had depression
another one had a mental recession
sipped something from a flask

the gerbils trembled
as if the Holy Spirit
of old days
anointed their souls

and the elephants appeared
from behind a large beaded curtain
big ones
the real McCoy
from India
several asian elephants

and they began their ritual
the blowing of trumpets

a religious almost experience
transcending their own minds
and the gerbils shook in fear
as they walked towards the tight rope
gerbils on a high wire
upstairs, in the air

and the elephants trumpeted
and the crowd cheered
a clown was drunk on beer
said he missed his Alcoholics Anonymous meeting
but what soul was he feeding?

the elephants got in formation
several big boys
with painted toe nails
they wore silk and checkerboard
house coats with asian pictorials
of gerbils and mice

the large elephants looked up to the sky
and now gerbils in parachutes
jumped from the high wires
landing on elephant backs

trumpeting the elephants
were so proud
of their captive friends
running on elephant backs

and the clowns danced
in a frenzy of
religion, philosophy and psychology
college drop outs
but clowns

and baby monkees on clown shoulders
held peanut butter cookies
as elephant trunks bellowed
trunks ready for a good snack
and the Debbie Cakes
make them happy

elephant gerbil circus
a life of happiness
sadness, grief, traveling
wins, losses, life and death
the circus is a hard road to take
for animal and man
and the clowns had it rough on the road
broken marriages, family dysfunction
but they were clowns
and the "show must go on"

and the wonderful circus
completed by an elephant extravaganza
as gerbils on the dance floor
and elephants did
the "Polish Polka"
as an Irish man kept time
as some of the older men
peeked from the beer tents

accordians and harmonicas
drums and guitars
played some music
a symphony of love
for elephants, gerbils and man
and the crowd cheered
as elephants rode gigantic bicycles
through the circus crowd

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