a poem by UKAONU DORIS OBIANUJU, Nigeria

I see your reflection when I peer into my mirror,
Your heart dances in tune with mine.
You give a warm smile,
That shadows my heart from a mile.
I thirst to break through my mirror
For I feel its the fastest route to quench proximity.

Though your just a phone call away,
I still wonder what you look like in the physical.
I've seen a lot of you in the papers,
But some say pictures tell lies.
I concede not to this fact,
Even though you too so sweet to be real.

I live for the day our eyes would melt piercing each others,
Its no infatuation nor exuberance.
My cravings for you,so rare in existence.
My lips wilting in seconds,
Only the sound of thy kiss would resuscitate.

O ye lightening of my heart,
Please Come forth in physical,
That my body be aroused,
To embrace thy love in full.

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