a poem by peninnah ng'ang'a, Kenya

The doctor will tell you to keep breathing
whatever you do,breath,breath,breath
Keep on breathing
Because if you hold in the breath for too long
or shut out the breath
the muscles that pump the blood to the heart may collapse
will collapse.
And so will your body.

It is not just a science in medicine
or a mechanism that God called life during creation.
It is more than an equation in mathematics
Or a concept in biology and economics
It is the totality of every organism.

You have to breath
it doesn't matter how hard your heart is breaking
or how dark and hopeless tomorrow seem
It doesn't matter who left
or what you deserve but didn't get
you have to keep on breathing.

Its cruel, i know,its hurts and its heartless
but the world does not care
the world will never care whats your excuse
It keeps on whirling.
You may cry for a a day or a week
You may shut out everybody you know because it much easier on your own
You may quit your job or run away to a far state
Believe me,the world does not care,nobody cares.

Pages will turn whether your input is in or not
Friends will still hit happy hour and have a good one
Shares will trade on at the stock exchange
Beautiful ones will continue being born
The world goes on.
Your pain,your depression,your tears
those are only relevant to you
It is the reason why you have to keep on breathing
For you
Not for your ex,or your friends or your boss or your mom or your babies.
For you.
It all comes down to you.

You have to breath
You have to keep on breathing
Everyday you have to breath hard against every thought
every word or feeling of despair and hopelessness
You have to stay alive until the end of time.
Breath! breath!Keep on breathing
You have to breath.

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