a poem by Roche Igot Rosos, Philippines

I've meet you yesterday
today I've known you deeply
our friendship grown so let it be
this new journey of you and me

We started talking freely
Knowing that we're both nobody
Our conversations lead the way
To keep us closer each day

A person from a foreign country
Accepted me whole heartedly
a friend who have a good heart
In her life she let me be a part

No matter we don't talk that much
Whenever we're online we always chat
Sharing thoughts of what we've been
no matter how our days and weeks end

our friendship we manage to hold still
to keep it forever with by God's will
We cannot let any situation separate us
We wanted our friendship truly lasts

I thank God for giving such a friend like you
You are a blessing which I couldn't undo
I really wanted to keep you forever
In my life and even the day after when things are over

You're always be in my prayers
I ask God to guide us together
To seal our friendship with faith and love
Giving back all the glory in God above


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