a poem by peninnah ng'ang'a, Kenya

Grandma once told me
Baby even in stormy nights when ugly dark clouds cry,Mr Moon is still out there somewhere,still shinning bright.
The reason you cannot see his roar and glow,is because,it is Miss Rain time to pride and so she happen to be more overpowering than his highness.
However,as times goes by,Mr Moon develops resistance to her dripping wetness and start to fight his way out to his anointed position.
His first step is usually shaking off the dank and re-invention into a brand New Moon.With each day,his brilliance start to pick and his first show is as a Crescent.Haha!Yea!Few days later,you will spot his splendor in a Half.But Mr.Moon knows his prospect,he knows he got game and Half ain't it!So he puts in more effort and pap!Scores a Gibbous!
Not so bad!Right?But Gibbous as mysterious as he is to onlookers and strangers of the night,is a mediocre personality to Mr Moon and Mr.Moon does not settle for standard.
So he hit the gym again,more groundwork,more workouts,more shots,more laps and before Miss Tempest can comprehend the takeover,Mr moon is on top of the Billboard,Fully Mooning,polished in Armour and knight and Miss Downpour knowing too well the wrath,power and might of recharged Moon,withdraws her tears and goes into hibernation.And the Land and the Sea joyfully applaud their mate back to his dominion.

Whatsoever storm and crisis you facing now does not change who you are.
You still are a star,one of a kind and the brightest ever made.
The only reason your sparkle is not outstandingly blazing,is because,as you know,life is a series of seasons,and right now happens to be that time when that other element(financial struggle,disease,loss of a loved one,unemployment...)get to be more domineering.
But still,beneath that blinding fog,you still are a flashing star.

Take as much time as you need,you have a right to downtime, but don't dwell in the damp for too long.
Gather strength,sup courage continuously,one day at a time, and once you regain the energy,drop that sackcloth of mourning,self-pity,hatred,regret...put on a smile,splash yourself with confidence,then flap your wings and fly.
Once again,bless us with your light!Let us see your emblem and colors soaring high!Dance hard against those overbearing winds till you touch the sky.

It is okey to fall.But don't stay down!
Get up!rise up and shine!
You still are a star.

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