She Couldn't be mine

a poem by Moses Michael N, Nigeria - poetry writer, author, poet

I could still remember those old school days
Days of cool memories and sweet recall
I remember this damsel,
Everyone longed to sit beside her
Truly she is beautiful
I no I love beauty
I no I liked her too

When I gazed at her from my side
I could see she liked me too
Her lips appears sweet
Wooing this damsel wasn't easy
I no she wasn't going to be mine
No matter how hard I tried to win her
She was full of that pride of a woman

I no she knows she is beautiful
How sweet when she gave a moment to be with her
As we walked side by side that night
Holding her hands am in paradise
Never knew being with her could be that beautiful

But she couldn't be mine
Though she liked me
But I don't no what I should do than
If I could go back to those school days,
I no she will still be the one I will love
This time I will not let go
This time I will be patient with her
This time I will win her
This time I no she will be mine.

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