a poem by Roche Igot Rosos, Philippines

Feel my love when I lost my sight
Feel my love in your darkest night
Feel my love in our worst fight
Just feel my love and hold me tight

Feel my love when your mad
Feel it, till your madness subside
Feel my love when your sad
Just feel it to make you feel glad

Feel my love when your in pain
Feel it, again and again
Feel my love when your hurt
Just feel it, till it burst

Feel my love when you needed me most
Feel it, without any curse
Feel my love when you're tested by time
Just feel it, and you'll be fine

Feel my love when you feel empty
Feel it, I am here to stay
Feel my love when your afraid
Just feel it, there's nothing to be scared

Feel my love in my absence
Feel it, without my presence
Feel my love when your lost
Just feel it, but don't let it lose

Feel my love of all our journey
Feel it, like a song of melody
Feel my love when your weak
Just feel it, to know it's not fake

Feel my love beyond the distance
Feel it, and always give us a chance
Feel my love when it fails
Just feel it, to let pure love reveal

Feel my love by the grace of God
Feel it, and don't think it's bad
Feel my love whenever I'm tired
Just feel it, before I died

Feel my love as you are with me
Just feel it, and keep our memory
I want you feel everything in us
Our journey together in God we trust.

To God be the glory..


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