Aurora Borealis.(An Acrostic)

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

As I gazed up to the heavens,
Up to the Milky Way,
Rays of purple, red and green,
Of a scintillating sheen,
Rose and fell incessantly.
As Northern Lights were seen.

Brilliant were the colours,
Over a gathering crowd.
Radiating beauty,
Excited cries aloud!
As Aurora Borealis
Lit up celestial skies,
Inviting all to witness,
September’s grand surprise!

Awe struck watchers stood transfixed,
No single person stirred

Intent upon the moment
Not a sound was heard.
Cascading waves of colour
Rippling into space,
Excited all those watching,
Delighting every face!
Bedazzled by their movement,
Likened to flowing lace,
Ever changing colours

Disappeared in space!
In abrupt conclusion,
Shafts of every hue,
Pulsating in profusion,
Left without ado,
And left the watchers
Yearning, with hopes they’d start anew.

Rhymer. September 12th, 2014.

(A rare sighting of the
Aurora Borealis in early September,
was seen here in Southern Ontario. Coincided with the Harvest “Super Moon!)

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