a poem by peninnah ng'ang'a, Kenya

Rubble,bricks,more layers of rubble and bricks
Dust gathering on rusted metal
Electric wires exposed emitting sparks ready to strike
Starved rats fighting for a piece of decayed matter
Foul smell,smoke and ashes...
Debris of a torn,old abandoned house best describes my life for the past few months.
Wrecked,devastated and looted from surface to the roof top.

But you already know that.

Like the squad team on a mission
yours has been to rescue me.
Underneath heaps of pain and grief
you peeled me off the floor,washed the stains
bandaged my wounds,perfumed my shedding body
till there was some color on my face.

You nursed me,through and through.

And on days when you couldn't stop the inferno
you held my hand and swam with me the through the flames.
You bled and hurt with me
cried and writhed with me

patiently,tirelessly,you been right here by my side.

Am out of the woods now
and though i insist am alright
you have made it clear you ain't going anywhere
You staying for the aftershock until the numbness is gone
you will be my wings till am strong enough to walk without crutches.

For all that and for the those too deep to recount
I wanna say thank you.

(Dedicated to my family and friends,all you who have been by my side during one of the toughest season of my life)

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