a poem by Roche Igot Rosos, Philippines

looking for some place to stay
Where I could be on my own way
to escape what I am facing today
My own shadow that swallow me deeply

No matter how I wanted to be me
Some people just don't want me to be
Test my character that awakes me into reality
To stop pretending being good and too nicely

I was not able to control my temper
Hurting words I speak out with my brother
Not to harm or destroy him personally
But to open his eyes to see his responsibility

Not for long I wanna stay this way
Just for sometime when needed it badly
I am not perfect nor the good one you see
Like you I have the attitude I carry with me

It was not easy to handle thing so smoothly
It test my patience and destroy me luckily
But I will not let these journey win over me
I have my faith in God the author of my story

Whenever I am lost in sight
He was there showing me His light
Whenever hatred rule over me
He will be there showing me His way

I am waiting for the storm to calm down
before I begin another journey on my own
Still, may God's will be done in my life
for someone like me who had broken heart

to God be the glory


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