a poem by peninnah ng'ang'a, Kenya

Let me tell you some some bout my girl Wendy.

She a little short with a very loud laugh
Reckless,wild with a peach of immorality
Pride coated with class and elegance
Graced with flawless beauty
Spontaneous,mirthful and a classic intellect
She is what you and I call sugar.

But that’s just a perfected picture in the frame.

Concealed are the bruises of wars fought
Open wounds lay in secret places
Sorrow loss and sadness deeply rooted
She is a glass broken too many times

Sugar coated with spice.

Someday somebody will mark that girl
Put a ring on her finger
Make home out of her house
Children in her belly
Someday somebody is gonna own that girl.

I pray he will be fine a match the much she is worth.

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