Is It Possible?

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

The last word of the line before, begins the line following:
following being simple when your direction you’re knowing.
Knowing where and how you’ll end, is another matter altogether.
All together we could have fun, recording lines of poetic blether.
Blether? That’s what is often found on the lesser poetic sites:
sites which we join then leave, after a couple of restless nights.
Nights when angst overtakes us, as we search for a Muse.
Amuse? Few entertain, but adversely, many confuse.
Confuse all you wish: that’s simple to enact on folks my age.
Age tends to do this to those who accept and engage.
Engage your brain, and then write profusely in verse.
Inverse is acceptable, if you choose to employ blank verse.
Verse - rhymed - is my preferred manner of writing poetry:
poetry being my choice, for its appeal to a rhymer like me.
Me? Well this is as far as I can go right now. Are you impressed?
I’m pressed to compose more, but my thoughts are fully expressed.
Expressed are my hopes this inspires poets like you.
You, who are hereby invited to try putting a poem together:
together, we can perhaps, garner interest in a poetic trial?
Trial and error being the criteria that will bring results.
Results will see an orderly progression of words and lines:
lines though, will become harder to find as the rhyme gains ground!
Ground that will be achieved slowly, applying painstaking skill.
Skill being the name of the game. What challenge comes next?
Next week another mind testing challenge might be offered.
Offered to those who delight in any mental exercise.
Exercise your agile mind, your brains and your ingenuity,
ingenuity being the key word for the testing of your ability!
Ability will doubtless shine through when your work is done.
Done to perfection as readers will note. So forward into battle:
battle your way through the maze you will undoubtedly create!
Create, with imagination, to keep readers wondering, what the heck”
Heck, it seems I have already stuck out my neck!

Rhymer. September 22nd 2014

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