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a poem by Olomolehin John, Nigeria

In this book that is him
Open it up when you want a good read
Found among the bestsellers' series
Printed in hardcover and paperback
A front page picture of an athlete's calves and hamstrings
Devoured with varicose veins
And a back picture of an English lady
Slim, shapely in a sexy bikini
Tanning with sunglasses on
By the poolside
The storyline is explosive and realistically truthful
Holds its readers to an intense curiosity
Each facet of his unique life, independent
Different textures, different surprises
Different best and different spectators
All giving unforgetable memory like the first heartbreak
And an indelible remembrance like the first breakthrough
The author's expository exploit found God in lifestyles
And not in religions
The often quiet, all-knowing and utterly mysterious God
The almighty beyond human comprehension
Who humans just invented religions
To give various definitions
But he believes, planted endowments in everyone
His is just a mixed planting
Of seeds, nuts, grains and pods
In a garden fenced by trees
Fed with the same sun in suited seasons
Competitively sapping diverse forms of his energy
A master at explaining attitudes
You would love it, a good read, I promise.

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