a poem by Roche Igot Rosos, Philippines

For all you've been through
from what they've done to you
Where will your broken heart go?
after losing someone dear to you

In some place you'll be gone
Sooner someone will come
later you'll never be alone
Co'z you'll find your hearts home

A broken heart can heal its wounds
even if it don't have someone around
it can lessen its pain by its own
pieces by pieces soon can be found

Broken hearts may lost it's place
more often lead it to critical state
If one can't determined the pain
Broken heart will be in vain

Heart beat to sustain one's life
breath by God that make Him glad
The center our body system
Once it stop! it shutdown everything

Where do broken hearts go?
You find Him when no one is in you
It will find its place to rest
not for long but just a break

Jesus will repair it for you
heal it and make it new
When you're ready to go
He sealed it His love for you

to God be the glory


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