Can he provide food in the desert?

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

Can he provide meat in the desert?
My tongue is desirous to eat,
Can he furnish a table in the desert?
Hold on your tongue before you speak.

The master is building his vessel,
The potter has clay in his hand,
Allow him to mold as he wishes,
He has a master plan.

It is hard to bear the pressure,
Below is the nail pierced hand,
What you cannot understand today,
Just leave it in his hands.

Let him build his vessels as he desires,
His plans are perfect every time,
Wait! Be patient oh my soul,
Till ye reach the promise land.

• I wrote this poem when I was passing through hard times.
• He provided all my needs.
• At times of difficulties we need to remember that Jesus loves us.
• His presence can make all the difference.
• Nail pierced hands in the poem refer to the hands of the lord.
• He has a master plan.We need to give him time
• He is more than sufficient for all our needs. Trust Him

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