My Throat Was Too Easy To Cut

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

My throat was too easy to cut,
So they severed it in one go,
In a friction of second,
My head its shoulders contd know.

Like a mercy less butcher,
They have cut me apart,
Cutting not just my throat,
Crushing even my heart.

My friend,loved ones, my faithful,
My dear ones, alike,
Have threshed in their swords to rob me of my life,
Brutus, Brutus, just Brutus I find.

They have forgotten,
They are once more clean,
Not a drop of my blood,
Is on their forehead seen.

May be my blood is water,
May be it leaves no stains,
How blessed I will find myself,
If they knew it still doth pains.

Note :-
This poem was written by me when I lost my first job.
The poem has immensity of pain and a lot of emotions that come out of a bleeding soul.
I think you will understand it better as you read these lines.

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