a poem by Roche Igot Rosos, Philippines

We started as friends
sharing our problems
open our feelings
that end up in courting

With no doubt I said yes
showing everything in our best
Embracing each others weaknesses
Just to surpass all the test

Creating moments wherever we go
or even in everything we do
celebrating every monthsary
thankful of each anniversary

We decided to get married
Thinking that we're both prepared
even if they don't like you for me
I don't mind, in your side I wanna stay

It was a good start for us though
until I notice some changes in you
I can feel it deep in me that you have new
I keep on ignoring the things you do

Maybe because that time I still love you
That's why I intend to hold not to let go
but now I empty my heart for you to know
Taking all the chances to meet someone new

The pain that you've made scars my heart
Thanks to you it made to strong and smart
as God let me fall but He was there to catch me
He was the one I run to, when I'm drain and empty

I am no longer afraid to be alone
Co'z you're the one who made me strong
I'm taking off all my rights in you
Don't worry my shadows won't follow you

to God be the glory


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