a poem by Roche Igot Rosos, Philippines

We used to play hide and seek
running and chasing in the street
We use to hang out in our free time
Even the night can't separate our bond

Our childhood games was full of trill
Doing crazy things rolling down the hill
I am your hero when someone made you cry
The truth is I'm also hurt deep inside

it awakes my bad personality
mostly when you've been bullied
I hate to fight when I'm with you
I don't want you to get involve too

You are my world when we're young
a someone whom I could always run
someone who never hesitate to share
your sweetness, tender love and care

Even if times separate us by distance
still have my hopes to see you by chance
Now that we've grown up the way we want to be
The friendship I have with you in me will stay

Wherever you maybe today
we gonna meet each other one day
may God will lead our way
To see each other personally

I thank God my dear friend
for all that what we've been
for the moment that we spend
that made our journey unforgotten

May God be our guide each day
Standing here not gonna blocked your way
In my heart you'll always be a friend
A friend who'll stay even till the end

to God be the glory


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