a poem by peninnah ng'ang'a, Kenya

"When you were a baby,it was much easier,i knew just what to do.I knew when to feed you,i knew when you had a stomachache and when you were up to mischief.Now you are a woman and though i know you need your old man,my little girl is all grown up,i don't know how to make you whole again.
When you couldn't stop crying,back then,i would tie you on my back,stroll you till the velvet of the night silenced your soul.
One thing i have always known,my daughter is one with the wind.A Warris;a thriving flower in the desert!She needs to lose herself to find her heart and mind again.
Pack your bags baby,am sending you away,far far away and don't come back until your spirit is bonfire."

Bag on my back,hood over my head and Cannon M.S hanging on over neck,am off;in search for my Mojo!!!!

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