a poem by Skye Kerri- Leigh Bagshaw, UK

We're adults now as I'm writing this
But we were young when you told me your wish
Was for me to write a poem about you
And now I am making that wish come true.

When we first met I wasn't nice,
Like on a different occasion,
And yet you've forgive me twice
Which equals a strong friend in my equation.

We shared ideas in English and the study room,
You messaged me to distract me from my gloom,
You were honest, taught me to express wrath
But at the end of the day you always made me laugh.

We're both at uni now,
A different stage in our lives
But I hope we stay in touch somehow
And our friendship survives.

You've given so much and have so much more to give
So please never forget to live,
You're Katie, as strong as fire
And you can get anything you desire.

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