Heroes of War.

a poem by Mark Ainslie, UK

How courageous were those young men,
Not knowing if they would be coming home again.
Who in their droves signed up for war,
With belief in what they would be fighting for.

With minimal training, just not enough time,
Final farewells, heading for the front line.
Very hard moments saying goodbyes,
Leaving loved ones, tears in eyes.

Short lived sanctuary in those trenches,
Battle cry screams and wartime stenches.
The orders made, obey the command,
And charge the enemy, with rifle in hand.

Unrivalled bravery those young men had shown,
Running now to desperate unknown.
With fire power lighting up the sky.
A moment in time, so many would die.

At rest now in a foreign land.
Lines of headstones proudly stand.
We owe those heroes a priceless debt,
So salute them all, and never forget.

Copyright Mark Ainslie 2014

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