MY MOTHER,YOUR MOTHER,OUR MOTHERS.(Dedicated to those of us who have lost our dear mothers.)

a poem by peninnah ng'ang'a, Kenya

Few days after burying her mom,young girl was getting really tired of everyone telling her to be strong and move on!
One day she is taking a shower,more of bathing with her drowning tears and,she keep hearing this voice "Be strong little one,be strong!" and the voice keep growing louder and louder "Be strong" She shut her ears but still "Be strong" It kept coming!

Little girl fell on her knees and ah,with the last ounce of strength left inside she cried out "How can i go on oh Lord?How can i go on when you just took my Light away?"
"Answer me Oh Almighty!Answer me!"

And She fell asleep on the bathroom floor waiting for an answer.

She woke up later that day,her face soft and dry,calm and enclosed by what she swears "A mass of warmth and comfort."
And as she walked down the stairs to get some tea,she heard this song,coming from what was her mother's suite

"She is the rays of Sun brightening your days
The Moon lighting your path in the darkest of nights
The rhythm beating in your heart at all times.
It is okey to feel lost and be lost without,
She is your Guardian Angel now;She will find you anyway,
wherever you may hide.
She is still your mother,on earth and in heaven above.
Refrain from bitterness less you are deprived your soul from beholding her beauty.
One day you will sleep in her arms again in Janna(Paradise)
and until then
She is always with you."

Your mother,my mother,our mothers...

May they Rest In Peace.

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