Footprints in The Snow.

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

Witness the footprints left by those who passed
this way, on snow softened steps. They cast
impressions which, for a short time, show
their fleeting passage, in the fresh fallen snow.

So in life, as we journey on, there’s left a trail
which, when seen, reveals our chosen path. Who can fail
to see our tracks? Plain and impossible to hide!
Behold! How they stand out! Deep, dark and wide!

Then, as we travel further along our way,
those tracks, now left behind, slowly fade away.
It is, but for a short time, they are clearly seen.
A rare fleeting moment in Life’s ever changing scene.

When our allotted span on earth runs low,
like the fast fading footprints in the snow,
even though some brief fame may be acquired,
most traces disappear, once life has expired!

Although now extinguished, we leave a mark
for those that seek a sign of our Life’s spark.
They can be found, by those who wish to know:
just like those passing footprints in the snow!

Rhyme. November 23rd. 2014.

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