a poem by peninnah ng'ang'a, Kenya

One day i am passing the female ward in our hospital and ah,this young lady is holding her frail mother's hand and she tells her "Mama,the fact that there is still life in you,is hope enough that you will get better,you will live again!"

A few months ago,i was going through this strenuous period,and,everything i wrote back then sounded more like garbage than tense and,i came really close to hanging my jersey!
I had made my peace with the fact that i will never write again!
Then one day am taking a journey in pursuit of self-rediscovery and out of nowhere,young lady's words echo in my mind;"So long as there is still life in you,is hope enough you will live again!" And i realized,yeah!So long as i have a sane brain and fingers and pens/keyboards are still being manufactured,i stand a chance!I will write again!(Hey!And here i am!)

To you who is hurting,heart broken,shrieking in pain thinking this is it,i am too broken,too numb,too beaten or rejected too many times to ever let anyone in again...Be strong my dear!This too shall pass.
Believe me,the fact that your heart is still beating,is hope enough that you will get better!You will love again.
You definitely will!

And to anyone out there feeling low,hopeless and scared to face the horrors of tomorrow,allow me to lend you this my little story of hope;
Hope is everywhere!In simple and complex stuff we encounter everyday.In you,in me,in a is everywhere!Visible as much as it is abstract!
you just need to find its source!Whatever works best for you!

Good luck,keep smiling and stay hopeful!
Cheerrsss y'all.

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