a poem by peninnah ng'ang'a, Kenya

A strong woman deserves a brave man!
A woman who pride in giving
deserve a wealthy man.
A woman who provides,effortlessly,for herself
deserves a man who takes care of his own.
A woman who can run a house and keep it warm
deserve nothing less of a home!

The day she meets that beautiful Man
She will weaken her strength and let him slay her pride!
She will let her guard down,open the doors of heaven and embrace him in
She will bow down,let his highness lead and take command over her kingdom!

In the mean time
She will keep her hot blood spinning!
Until her love come along
She will fill her fiery heart with merry,ready for romance,passion and power.
To the day she meet the man she adores as much as she love herself
She will continue to furnish her body,beauty and brains,keep those heads turning with admiration and lustful desires at her confidence and aura!

Haha!This one is for me!
Cheers baby!
I celebrate you princess!
Lady Peninnah Ng'ang'a!

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