Blood Stains

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

Did I do it
Did they do it
I think it was they,
Yet I consented alas,
Blood has stains that last.

I said my hands are clean,
That means they are crimson red,
Pleading not guilty is really bad,
Did I do it', was it right,
Oh my God I can’t decide.

From the side of the slaughtered,
To the side of those who slayed,
The pain of suffering is always bane,
Action, reaction, bullets and the end,
Answer given after years of quest.

• The depth of this poem cannot be ascertained by the words used in the poem.
• I could not use words that may expose me.
• I feel that I was in the wrong. The poem covers the fact that in an interview as an interviewer. I consented to termination of teacher, who could have been confirmed.
• The answer given after years of quest hints at a question I had raised years back regarding the cause as to why I lost my job at Prabhu Dayal Public School. In a poem titled autopsy report.

Facts of life
I thought
I Love You, My life, My wife.
All my poems
You are my refuge

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