New Year Resolve

a poem by Anjani George, India

The clock strikes, its wake up time
Early morn hours and the routine starts
Breakfast needs to be ready
As school busses honk at thirty and six!

Lunch to be packed, dinner cooked as well
Not to talk of all the washing there’s to do
All that cleaning too, oh my!
Skipping breakfast saves time.

Not a sec to sit or rest a while
Its three hours of work no moment lost
In hardly two minutes, ready to go
Oops driving through the traffic, no fun!

Late as usual, ringing phone racks the nerves
Swerving dangerously, cursing loud!
Screeching to halt, parking haphazard!
What a way to start the day

Meetings and statements, never idle
Helter skelter running havoc
Lunch but a gulp, dehydrated
Targets to meet, due dates worrying

Dusk falls, work still pending
In hurry burry must scurry out
Back to the snarling traffic
Home in the next 60 minutes!

Now begins the grind at home
Lessons unlearned, lethargy sets in
Pressure mounts and touches the peak
Late into the night, working so six days

On the seventh even God rested
But for the busybody none in sight
It’s toil all the while
As Sunday gives way to Monday

Stop! Stop! Stop! I say
Sit still for a while you duffer
Gently close your eyes
Do you hear the peace of silence?

Let them remain closed awhile
Hear the chuckles of childhood?
Savour the joy of melted pralines?
Then maybe all is not lost yet

Think! Think! Think! You duffer
Remember the last book, movie, manicure
Giggle, gossip, get together, and visit?
Oh when last was the head so clear

This cannot go on for long
A social wreck, branded misfit
What more achieved
At what cost and not worth for sure

A good shake, nice and hard
A proper plan to prioritize
As time fast slips under the feet
A better human, New Year's resolve

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