Reinforce the walls of this castle

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

Reinforce the walls of this castle,
Thou hast sealed it each and every time,
The force is attacking the centre
Striking at the very nest.

Nature has no factor to play,
Nor is there any other power,
I am fighting my mortal nature,
I need immortal to guard.

I am sure He can move the mountains,
Yet alas, I have option to choose,
Oh, what a free will,
I wish I may refuse.

If it were to sea he could part,
If it was the tempest He could part,
Here it is my heart ,
I too have to play a part.

When its thee, I am strong,
When it comes to me I am weak,
At this hour of decision
My Lord, thy command I seek

Not my will Lord, but thine,
Everything shall be so fine,
If I am left to free will,
I am sure I am bound to pine.

Take all my depressions I give Thee   
God's love and spiritual poems
Whatever I desire He grants
To Me You Are A Dream
All my poems
I Love You, My life, My wife.

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