To Me You Are A Dream

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

To me You are a dream
A dream that could never materialize
Yet I saw you with mine open eyes
Splendor beauty and perfection redefined.

Its good you remained a dream
A dream that could never materialise
Too much of happiness is injurious as I find
Too much of happiness is hard to find

Without you I have something's to ponder
Without you I have something to dream
A dream that remains a dream
Is better than realities that are seen

You'll never know how much I loved you
It's good it's wonderful
Or you would have been proud
And I still would have been a crowd

Why did you makes her so beautiful
That's my heart yearns for her till today
Creator Your creations are to Worthy
Memories are here to stay

My love, you are above all crowd
Romantic poems
I Love You, My life, My wife.
Take all my depressions I give Thee   
All my poems
Reinforce the walls of this castle

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