a poem by Anjani George, India

There’s lot of money, now don’t you worry
I’ve heard it long enough, it makes me feel sorry
A mere ridicule - I doubt - a will to control?
I pray whatsoever; it brings peace to your soul

A genie on guard, is it so huge a treasure?
So wealthy are you – difficult to measure?
An intellect of lofty ideals and many a worthy deed
Is more valuable than money of any creed

Money unused when crucial is money dead and buried
A tiny bit then would have greatly relieved
Where was the money when we were hopelessly smitten?
The Lord, though, took care as delicate as with a kitten

Money is divine, the hungry when it feeds
It is a luxury when it satiates our needs
Desperate it may make you when a dear one is ill
Hold fast to faith, a miracle will find you, it will!

Cling on to wealth, it will make you queasy
Trudging forward with its burden is all but easy
For the best and the brightest that life can offer
Store kindness, generosity and goodwill in a coffer

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