Four Men in my Life

a poem by Anjani George, India

Pondering on the intricacies of life
As a daughter, a mother, an employee and a wife
Life has not been all that complicated
Thanks to these men who mediated

The first was you dear father
Fearless, strong willed yet full of life, attitude and character
A genius in all aspects, with paternal love unfathomable
Even today your memories live as in an unforgotten fable

The second, my better half and the love of my life
What I treasure the most is being your wife
Loving, caring, gentle and immaculately selfless
A Perfectionist, practical and quiet performer, God bless!

The third’s just a “little man” - my son
To our lives you bring lots of laughter and fun
Lazy, playful, accommodating, trifle insecure but honest to the core
In you I see a replica of me all the more

The fourth, Sir, at life’s toughest stance gave me a career
He made me work proving that even I could be an engineer
A born leader terribly short tempered, a crowd puller, perfect gentleman
Office was home away from home, believe me if you can!

A tribute to womanhood I pay hereby
Juggling portfolios and multi tasking is indeed a try!
Yet some of the credit we owe to a handful out there
The silver lining they’ve donned to our lives lets share.

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