a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

Dogs come in all sizes:
large, mid-sized and wee:
being the perfect company,
for older folks like me.
Some are fat and ugly,
others muscled and lean:
they’re either thought as cuddly,
or decidedly mean!

When they come to greet you,
they’ll never ever fail,
to display their honest feelings,
by the wagging of their tail!
and its vigorous waving,
they show you’re their friend,
but if it’s stiff, unbending?
Your friendship’s at an end!

To a dog you’re either bad,
or their greatest pal,
for they give no sign of bias,
be you lad or gal!
With a coat that’s sleek or curly,
or hair long or short,
they’ll treat you as their buddy,
who enjoys their kind of sport!

You can love them, or curse them,
to them it’s all the same,
for dogs, life’s a grand adventure,
and you’re part of their game!
Rolling in the mud and dirt,
the smelliest ever found,
they’ll shake themselves with vigour,
over who might be around!

A car or cat’s a pastime;
they are such fun to chase:
it relieves them of their boredom,
though know it’s a pointless race!
They’ll dig holes in great number,
in your lawn or flower bed,
for them they think it fun to do,
despite curses on their head!

A bone they’ll discover,
in a garden kept pristine,
gets them loudly chastised,
with curses quite obscene!
To owners they’re as children,
loved in a special way,
but as charming little puppies,
is not how they will stay!

When they see you’re angry,
and troubled times are brewing
they concentrate more fully,
on the bone they are chewing!
They’ll take off with your slippers,
to give them a wash and chew,
then once they’re slick and gooey,
they’ll give them back to you!

Dogs are ever busy,
intent on what they do,
and as our closest friend,
are the truest of the true!
They’ll protect you night and day,
from all grievous harm,
and excitedly they’ll greet you.
with their drooling, slobbering charm!

Soundly asleep one moment,
in an instant they will go,
out for the joys of playing
in pouring rain or snow!
When discussing with your dog,
on matters delicate,
unlike your human friends,
will not pontificate!

Should you offer him opinion,
he’ll let you have your say,
then despite your firm intentions,
will scamper off to play!
His presence is a blessing,
he’s better than a “Shrink”!
His silence is the measure,
as to how a dog will think!

When meeting up with friends,
we shake their hand and smile,
but our faithful doggy partner -
cautious all the while,
determines if they’re friendly?
with a close up ‘private’ smell!
If he finds them kind and friendly,
his tail will show “all’s well!”

We love our dogs with passion,
and watching them at play,
will raise unhappy spirits,
on any given day.
They give us opportunity
to meet and make new friends,
and indicate approval,
by wagging their tail ends.

By means of body language,
that’s my inspired guess,
they ease all timid thoughts,
a stranger might possess.
Dog’s lovers are gregarious,
they are a special blend,
and if you say you love my dog?
I’ll accept you as a friend!

Rhymer. January 15th, 2015.

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