a poem by peninnah ng'ang'a, Kenya

"If he was the one,you would be walking down the isle not crying your heart out on the bathroom floor." Famous words from my old man many years back.
"Your man will come Nina,and as i have loved you,he will love you more.
He will love you in ways that even i,who loved you first cannot.He will search the highs and lows of your mind and heart;That man will fulfill you spiritually, psychologically, emotionally,intellectually,physically.He will fulfill every aspect of your life."

"That how you know its him."

As i look in your dark brown eyes,standing here by my side after of all those months of separation,loneliness and longing,i wonder how i could not have known.
Well,i believe i knew,my faith in you failed me,perhaps?

I have always known.Since that second Sunday of a cold July,two years ago,i knew you were the man i want to and i will spend the rest of my life with.
i knew you were the man i was meant to Love, build and taking care of,for the rest of our lives.

You used to joke that you will be the men to put babies in my belly,somewhere in my diary late last year,i vowed i will hold you to that.Funny,we were worlds apart then,you in Dominica and i was busy sailing around trying new horizons,no word between us.
Who would have thought your word will come true?

Some people say its foolish to hold on to love when you part ways with a beloved "Its poking an old wound" they say.Well, yeah!I did try!Lords knows the things i have done to get you off my system,but,beneath all my efforts,i knew heaven would never lie to me;
All those clues and simple reminders,i knew,i knew our stars were still intertwined.
God was barely taking a minute in His calendar to remold,make us worthy of,spending eternity by each others side.

I have worn this commitment ring before,i have promised to never let you go before and countless times i have failed to keep my word.
I have rejected you many times in the past mainly because i was so afraid, scared of letting you really see me,scared of all the changes and sacrifices to be made... but now,after all that we have gone through,after all the sweating and compromises,after all the valleys and mountains we have encountered and conquered,am 100% ready!

Am in with both feet Schatz.Whatever comes may!You have my word love,this time,next time or any time other time we fight,i promise I'll not walk out of that door.
I would swear by heavens,but that would displease my God,or by my folks grave,but its wise to let the dead rest in peace.
So i pledge you the blood that flows in my vein,by the heat that fuels my body and the rhythm of my heart,before God,in the presence of our family and friends this i promise you;So long as there is breath in my being,so long as the sun shines and i live to see another day,i will forever be true to you.

Yes i understand,those same challenges persists but i realize, they have been blessings all along.
I been blinded by my selfishness,oh i know i been so selfish with your love in the past,baby believe me,even now,i want to own you all to myself!But ah,same way you believe in my big heart,so i do believe in yours.

I will love those you love,i will respect and adore them with just little ounce of jealousy.(As am humanly allowed,ye?)
Your flesh i take in as my own,your blood become one with mine,my home i open wide for your guests.
I believe in you oh my lord,You are a man with enough love for all of us and enough resources to take care of each one of us.
You are a man who have always been in control,a men whose got his priorities right.I believe in you and most importantly,i believe in us!

Yes!Its a yes habibi!Its a big yes to a brand new start,a yes to the bright future that lay ahead of us!
To cherish,to adore,till heaven steal you away from me,i promise to be forever by your side.
For better and worse,through the good and the bad,the ugly and the beautiful,its a yes!
I will stand in the sun with you,Through the fire and in the rain,i will walk by your side.
Yes!I will!
Today and every other day of our blessed lives,till death and heavens do us part;I will lay forever with you as your wife!

You once told me "I chose you long ago baby,you just keep getting away." So now am making the same choice.I choose you my love,i choose you.For each and every other day,for the rest of my long long life,i choose you.

Above all else,i choose no one but you my love.

This is my promise to you.

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