a poem by peninnah ng'ang'a, Kenya

Seven months and showing
mummy my baby will be home soon!
Oh from the play and rumbling
i can tell she will be as wild as they come!
Feels like she is running a marathon in there.
She's driving me crazy though!
Hahaha she is misbehaving again!
Sleeping the wrong way
Haha!Making me cry even;
Tiny painful kicks outstretching the walls of my belly
Nausea,sleepiness and my legs look like balloons
Not to mention endless trips to the loo only to drip few drops.
Mamaa,this how i made you feel?

Two months and a few
Il be screaming pulling my hair out in the labor room
how am i supposed to push without you there holding my hand?
When i had my first period
I was so frightened i didn't know how to tell papaa
all i could think of was "If only mummy was here"
But this longing is of absolute difference
am missing you so desperately mum
I wish you were here with me.

Seven months and showing
mummy my baby will be home soon
Am so excited!
oh heavens!I have waited far too long
Cannot wait to hold her in my arms!
Wish this cloud of doubt could clear though;
Am just not confident enough mum.
Am not sure i can pull this through without you here.

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