a poem by Raghunandan Ram, India

On the campus of soul
Humidity in whole
Dying from osmosis,
Causing metachrosis ;
Dehydration in fertility,
And exodus of virtuosity,
Is now sick to germination
Inflorescence & fertilization.
On the campus of soul
Modernity in whole
Has playfulness of pacts,
Betrayals and contracts,
Bribery in camouflage;
Preaching in Macbeth’s age,
Deny joy in relation cold
In the realm of science’s hold.
On the campus of soul
Democracy in whole
Where Hamlet in espionage
Fails to hold Claudio in rage,
Polyphemus in a chase;
Philomel from a savage,
Symbolize terror of the worst
Ever play on nation’s cost.
On the campus of soul
Religion in whole
Wears an alluring veil
To keep mankind on sale,
Creates conflict & confusion;
Uses children to block education,
And incarnates human bomb
To get love & peace succumb,
To prove our progress a retreat
And every welfare win a defeat.

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