Tell me how may I forget you

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

Tell me how may I forget you,
Your memory fails to fade,
What's so great in you,
That memories refuse to faint.

May be the quest of unfound love,
Is the greatest thirst to quench,
May be such quest's are eternal,
Which even heavens can't put to rest.

Isn't it a folly to think of you,
When I know you are not concerned ,
Isn't it at folly to look for you,
When I know it's nothing worth.

Yet I'll keep on remembering you,
For to me you still are worth ,
Worthy to remember,worthy to love,
Even if my cries are unheard.

Memory has failed to erase you,
Neither will I such endeavor try,
Why erase what time defies,
Why erase what time defies.

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My love, you are above all crowd

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