February. An Alliteration.

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

Though found the shortest month of the year,
fickle February for some, is a fiend to fear.
Fooling folks, to think spring is finally here,
its false feelers, fall flat with facts insincere!

February’s fake, feckless nature, finds
feeble fools, frightened by its feral winds,
flying fast, far from familiar daily “grinds,”
to favourite foreign shores. Some minds,

full of fine frozen filigrees, and fibrils of frost,
fear falling into freezing waters of a foul fosse,
but fortunately their fatalistic fear of being lost,
is fanciful, compared with the final factual cost,

for fickle fate is fraught with factors horrendous!
The frustrations of finding a few friends to fuss,
over foolish February fables, is forbidding, forsooth. Thus
February, finds feisty folks frequently fret and cuss!

In fitting finale to my falderal, I conclude,
few folks flaunt February with fortitude,
for it’s a month, fraught with vicissitude.
So forget finding a flamboyant platitude,

and let February do its flagitious worst!
For it’s a foolhardy fop or a fathead cursed,
that finds ill-fated February’s fervid outburst,
fabulous, fulfilling fare! One facetious and cursed!

Rhymer February 1st, 2015.

Just couldn't resist the challenge and temptation to tackle February! Lol!

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