51st Musketeers' Title Challenge.""My Train Is Running At Its Fastest

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

My train is running at its fastest,
It will reach 2000 any time,
I see the track in 2000 just one fourth,
No more of it I can find .

Yet as driver of my train,
I do not have any breaks,
I console my guard do not fear,
He shall put the track before we near.

Passengers are just content,
They know not millennium is near,
They are just too content,
Seeing them, I lose all fears.

He shall provide the track,
Who provided, Abraham the ram,
I am sure of his provisions,
I know the track shall not end.

NOTE: The poem you just read talks about MY LIFE’S TRAIN.
The poem reveals the time when it is written as it proclaims it will reach 2000 any time.
The track is THE JOB, which I had as a teacher in a school, which was just until April.
PASSENGERS are my children.
GUARD is my wife.the poem was written on 19/Dec/1999

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51st Inspirational challenge #2 My train is running at its fastest
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51st Musketeers' Title Challenge."MY TRAIN IS RUNNING AT ITS FASTEST"

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