a poem by Roche Igot Rosos, Philippines

I'm sorry if I didn't play my part
or even given you my best shot
I'm sorry if you can't find me
when the moment you most needed me

I'm sorry if I don't spend much time to you
or ignoring your stories of what you had been through
I'm really sorry for all my emptiness in your life
that made you sad and broke your heart

I'm sorry if sometimes I take control
of our situations I long to hold on
I'm sorry if I keep things on my own way
or forgot that you have your own dignity

I'm sorry for all my mistake O GOD
Teach me to surrender everything I had
I can't forget the day that I've known you
When in the end I found myself calling you.

Let this life of mine be useful to others
To lend a help to my sisters and brothers
Teach me not to be afraid of all the trials
For you are my strength and my guiding light.

the glory is all yours Lord Jesus Christ.

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