I love you valentine

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

What can I do?
I am at such a stage,
That your image is present,
On each and every page.

I read every word,
My eyes riveted on the page,
But my heart you know,
Is captured and encaged.

I leave my book,
To change my mind,
But your thoughts,
Forever abide.

I close my book and
Ponder for a while,
I try my best,
But your thoughts abide.

Oh dear till when,
This love I can hide,
You know not dear,
My heart’s plight.

It tries its best,
That its love may be known,
But the one in the skull ,
Asks it not to expose.

Whenever you are near,
Its my head that prevails,
And whenever you leave
My heart takes its place.

Don’t think that I don’t love you,
I am at such a stage, and
If I don’t get you,
I’ll turn out to be a sage.

Note:I should have written this note as I posted this poem on valantine day yet I didn't as I wanted you to enjoy it .This poem was written during my college days.

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