a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

Please don’t throw filth at the sun,
It will fall back on you,
The women in white sari
With a blue border.

Worked for her Lord,
Yet she worked for all,
Who can touch the leper?
Who can take out worms?

Such people are blessings,
Right from the Lord,
If a temple could give her place to work,
Who are you to call her words?

If they called her master, Beelzebub,
What if they call her words?
Servant cannot be greater than the master,
So let them call her words.

Fanatics do not divide us,
We have lived in our country with love,
For the sake of your seats,
Please do not divide our love.

My country, my homeland,
Is a land of peace?
Don’t divide it in parts,
Don’t turn it in pieces alas,

Please don’t rent it apart,
Please don’t rent it apart,
To you it would be politics,
To me it is my heart.

Note: The poem is a reaction to hand full of people who want to divide our country on communal lines, for political gains.

She wear two cap's as I find
My Hindi Teacher Mrs S.Jain.
In memoriam
Habiba Qureshi
Do not let your eye rule your heart
All my poems
My Hindi Teacher Mrs S.Jain.

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