Ajubi after Malala

a poem by Raghunandan Ram, India

Ajubi after Malala
An alumna
With no alibi
Amid goons & gangs
Rapid rattles of
Jehad orisons
In masks & mosques
Storm of shots & shells
Stretch of mines & bunkers
Blood deemed demented dawns
With smokes of frowns
In the vales & villages
Schools & colleges
Puts a pause
To her impulses of love
And opens her mouth
To stop the peers of the impure
Dare devils of death land
And says, sisters & mothers
We are all Malalas
To save love for mankind
To lead children to edu-homes
And to claim now
No retreat, no defeat
As the wind of peace is blowing
And the love stimuli are renewing
With Malala’s resurrection.

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