Do not let your eye rule your heart

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

Do not let your eye rule your heart,
Eyes have devoured many souls,
Lust not after the desire of eyes,
Hades is attached to its core.

If the light that's in you is darkness,
How great that darkness must be,
He judges us by our thoughts,
How can you and I flee.

Not by our action but by grace,
That's the way we can prevail,
Fruit of flesh shall always fail ,
Fruit of the spirit shall prevail.

The second Adam came to fulfil,
Where first Adam had failed ,
All that failed in garden of Eden ,
In the garden of Gethsemane prevailed.

Sweat turned into blood,
Tears dropped down his face,
Not my will but thine be done,
He stood as for all as one.

One offering single and complete,
One offering that can never fail,
Eden and its bane,
In the place of skull didst fail.

Note: The poem talks about God's love. It talks about Christ's suffering in the Gethsemane and His victory over Sins on the cross.

My father
God's love and spiritual poems
He my soul relives
She wear two cap's as I find
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