She wear two cap's as I find

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

She wear two cap's as I find,
And she is wonderful in each,
From the four walls of her house,
She has stepped out in the world.

Curse of Adam meant for just him,
She has stepped in to bear it herself,
Out of they sweat shall though eat,
She has stepped in to bear the bane.

She works at two frontiers,
Be it home or work place,
Every place she has proved her worth,
Yet men still call her words.

When our better half have turned out to be best,
Why shouldn't we appreciate,
Why should we just wait,
I tell you my dear you are great.

In your honor I can write million lines,
Yet they to won't be appropriate,
She needs three words of appreciation,
For which she really Wait's.

Give her the reward of her work,
She is worthy of all praise,
Let her own work's praise her ,
Right up infront of the gates.

Note: I dedicate this poem to all women who have borne insult,dishonor, disgrace because of atrocities of men who should have stood as their protector.

She is a woman
My train is running at its fastest ....5
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