My train is running at its fastest ....5

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

My train is running at its fastest,
Who can hold the speed of time,
Passengers have now reached college,
Guard is a happy beside.

I See myself in a valley So green,
I thank Almighty for His grace,
See the tracks kept changing,
Yet one thing was sure that's His grace.

With me in the valley,
With me every time,
I love your presence,
Each and every time.

So many joys have you added in my heart,
I praise you for great though art,
My relaxation and comfort though art,
And I know you won't ever part.

Note: The poem talks about passengers ie my children. Guard is my wife.

Who made that Silly camera
Facts of life
My train is -------------------#4(I see my dream breaking today)
I provide you even ground
All my poems
She wear two cap's as I find

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