Ninety Six Will Never Walk Alone.

a poem by Mark Ainslie, UK

Right from that awful time,
Fifteenth of April, eighty nine.
What really happened never in doubt,
Now at last the lie is out.

The man in charge running scared,
Lie after lie the public heard.
Not man enough to hold up his hands,
To save himself, his only plans.

Changing stories to hide the facts,
Blaming fans to cover his tracks.
Senior officer, man in control,
Admitting now the lie he told.

There are many more who share the blame,
With no care at all for the families' pain.
For twenty six years the families had to fight,
To prove all along they were right.

If only that man admitted right away,
The job too big for him on that day.
And told everyone that he was wrong,
The fans not to blame all along.

The fight for justice for twenty six years,
Heartache and grief so many tears.
Those who have fought for ones they love.
Finding strength from God above.

The fight now almost over at last,
Unfortunately we cannot change the past.
Committed perseverance, and dignified,
Determined approach, full of pride.

Never giving up, they did not know how,
Justice for the ninety six now.
The fighting spirit they have shown.
The ninety six will never walk alone.

©Mark Ainslie 2015.

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