She is a woman

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

She is a woman,
How much of injustice,
Will you  load on her,
Don't insult her every time.

She is human,
Don't rob her of her rights,
Remember she is someone's daughter,
Treat her with dignity & pride.

In the name of religion you rape her,
Which religion do you profess,
Rapist has no religion,
It's a fact that you should understand.

At the time of partition they raped her,
The city is not safe as you find,
Rapists are raping and killing,
Name of religion is maligned.

Why did she walk out after eight,
Moral police man explains,
So you taught her a lesson,
It's she who has to be blamed.

My daughter, my wife, my sister,
This world has turned out to be bane,
No one bother, no one cares,
They blame, & stare at her

It pains.

She wear two cap's as I find
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