The kindness dat kills

a poem by tailang taya, India

On my walk through da nature's farm,
A cocoon saw filled wit da vibrancy of life.
It wriggled now;It wriggled then,
Constant stuggle;A move hopeless.

Sprung a pity;A well deep inside.
My human heart; Da ice dat melts.
Shared my concern;Loaned a hand.
In kindness shrouded;I tore dat mane.

An act of kindness;Dat's wat i thot,
But much shocked my eyes da scene dat followed,
Da bright life so new 2 begin,
Tragic ended sooner it could flip its wings.

My kindness thus a creation killed,
Intention though free of evil stain n marked by love's concern.
Da kindness smtimes so hidden inside,
Much saves a lif dat it so takes.

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