The falcon n da doves(dedicated 2 her)

a poem by tailang taya, India

Fly,fly in da sky da sky blue.
Their hearts as 1;The lovers 2,
Da wholeness of humanitie's love glued,
In da sky, da doves 2.

Can a human heart so much lov contain?
Fill da corners lik da insatiable vine?
United! Nt barred by even a mountain,
See da moon n da wolverine!

Disaster as a falcon struck 1 day.
Dat day his heart;Trapped in da falcons talon.
Dat day 2 save hers,his he lay,
N embrassed death in da falcon's talon.

For her,his he sacrificed,
An ultimate sacrifice 4 lov,
Da dying dove a message voiced,
"Dis my love,is called true love!".

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